Oregon - Cozy Merino Boucle

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Cozy, plush, squishy and soft well describes this highly textured, hand dyed merino boucle yarn. The DK weight works up fast for those cold weather projects.

Colour: Oregon; Multi coloured, variegated, speckled, blue, sage, mauve, peach, gold, ecru.

Yarn Base: Cozy Merino DK - 100% SW Merino [4oz (100g), 240yd (219m)] 

Weight: DK, 21-24 sts [3.75-4.5mm (US 5-7)] single ply

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More Information About Our Yarns

What Makes Our Yarns Special?

We only use high quality, natural fibres for our hand dyed yarns.

Since this is a hand made item each skein is a unique work of art. No two will be the same even if they are the same colour (no dye lots).

The subtle to bold variations in colour that you get with hand dyeing can not be achieved any other way. Even the most basic stitch or simple pattern is elevated when hand dyed yarns are used.

Tips For Using Our Yarns

This may be obvious but for those new to the world of hand dyed yarn most yarn will come in skein or hank form. You will need to wind it into a cake or ball before it can be used. 

Note: We do not offer ball winding services.

Since it is impossible to dye identical skeins we suggest that if you want a more consistent look to the colour that you work from two balls at a time, alternating every two rows to minimize colour differences between skeins.

The unexpectedness of hand dyed yarns is part of the allure, so why not experiment and see what the colour does naturally. Colour blocking, striping and pooling can be used to create interesting effects for your one of a kind project.

Yarn Care & Garment Care

We recommend that all garments made from our yarns be washed by hand in cold water (warm or hot water can cause the colour to bleed) and laid flat to dry.

Care has been taken to ensure that the dye has been set properly into the yarn. However there may be some minor bleeding at first because of the nature of some pigments, so wash separately or with like colours for the first few washes.

It is a good idea to store knitwear items folded up instead of on a hanger to preserve the shape.

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